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Analyze - How It's Made | Bendon, Ashland, Ohio

The Bendon sales team together with our licensors carefully study market trends, selling points, and past numbers to create a unique product line that is sure to sell.

Design - How It's Made | Bendon, Ashland, Ohio

All Bendon books are created in-house, ensuring the fastest turnaround possible. Our team of talented artists creates colorful, eye-catching designs that reflect a deep understanding of the license, sales data, and the consumer.


Printing - How It's Made | Bendon, Ashland, Ohio

We are committed to delivering not just the largest selection of products, but also the best quality. Bendon books are printed to the highest standards by top-of-the-line printers around the world.

Shipping - How It's Made | Bendon, Ashland, Ohio

Thanks to our printing partners around the world, you can be sure your order will arrive accurately and on time. Bendon’s 140,000 square foot warehouse is also at the ready with an inventory of our most in-demand titles.

Display - How It's Made | Bendon, Ashland, Ohio

Displays arrive pre-packaged with books in an arrangement custom-tailored to sell. Our vast catalog lets our sales team switch out one book for another, maintaining a space that is always fresh. Looking to find one of our displays? Check our list of retailers or buy directly from Bendon.


Our team is happy to clear up any questions you may have about how our process works from start to finish.

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