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Bendon Like You, Like Me Hardcover Storybook

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I Iike my freckIes! I Iike my gIasses! I Iike my crazy, curIy hair! Everyone has something speciaI to Iike about themseIves. This book about positive self-image helps kids continue to appreciate themselves as they grow by celebrating differences and promoting connection over comparison. Rhyming text and endearing illustrations recognize common insecurities children (and adults) may have and reverse them, encouraging us all to embrace uniqueness in ourselves and others as beautiful, special, and simply human.

Pages:   32
Product Dimensions:   10" x 10"
  • Hardcover storybook with dust jacket
  • 30 colorful pages
  • Promotes positive self-image and celebrates differences
  • Rhyming text and endearing illustrations
  • Ideal for ages 3 and up