Bendon T.S. Shure Science Set & Book (Magnets)

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Emerging learners can discover the magic of magnets with Bendon’s Magnetic Science Set & Book. Each Science Set & Book contains an informational book and all the tools your child will need to explore and get hands-on with a new subject. Your aspiring scientist will learn all about the science behind magnets and get first hand experience with fun and easy experiments!

Product Dimensions:   8.5" x 11"
  • Includes book, stick, paper cups, EVA foam pieces, compass, car, PET plate, iron powder, magnet set, and a sticker sheet
  • Display box is perfect for travel and storage
  • The perfect introduction to magnetic science for curious minds
  • Encourages STEAM skills like engineering, design, and creative play
  • Ideal for ages 8 and up