• Adult Coloring Books from Bendon

    Adult Coloring Books from Bendon

    Reduce stress and channel your inner creativity with Bendon’s new line of adult coloring books! Studies show that these books are a great way for adults to unplug, unwind, and rediscover coloring between the lines in a whole new way. Get yours at a retailer near you—coming soon!

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  • Bring Art to Life!

    Bring Art to Life!

    Create, color, play, and animate like never before with the all-new coloring books and app from Disney and Bendon!

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  • Bendon's on Facebook!

    Bendon's on Facebook!

    Like us to receive free activities, entry to contests, and more!

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  • Bendon's Exciting New Acquisition

    Bendon's Exciting New Acquisition

    Purchase of Artistic Studios expands Bendon's product offerings, distribution, scale, and geographic reach.

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  • Bendon donates $10 million to Toys for Tots

    Bendon donates $10 million to Toys for Tots

    Partners with Kathy Ireland Worldwide to bring books to millions of children nationwide

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Welcome to Bendon!

Bendon is a leading provider of children’s products at affordable prices.

We believe that variety and value do not have to come at the expense of quality.  We have made it our mission to deliver the best children’s product, to the most retail outlets, at an affordable price.  With that goal in mind, we have partnered with the most beloved names in children’s entertainment such as Disney, DC Comics, Hello Kitty, Lisa Frank, Marvel, My Little Pony, Nickelodeon, Star Wars, and more.

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